AZEVAP - 72,000 - 96,000 Coolers

The 72,000 cfm and 96,000 cfm coolers are custom units with the dimensions driven by the layout of the blower module.

The general configuration for the 72,000 cfm unit is two 36,000 cfm horizontal coolers (without the blower or back wall) and one blower module. The blower module surrounds a 44 inch diameter dual width, dual inlet, backward inclined or aerofoil centrifugal blower. The discharge direction is optional (Vertical up, Vertical Down, or horizontal out the side.

The 96,000 cfm unit is generally the same as the 72,000 cfm unit except the 36,000 cfm modules are replaced by 48,000 cfm modules. The 44 inch diameter blower is used for the 96,000 cfm unit with the same options for discharge orientation.

These units come with the same options as the smaller coolers. Namely: a) Washable inlet Air Filter or Louvered Inlet; b) Graded Materials or All Stainless Steel; c) Filter Differential Pressure Sensor Package; d) Building Differential Pressure Sensor Package; and e) Building Area Temperature Sensor Package.

Both versions are shipped as three modules and assembled in the field.

asembly 72K

72K shop test