AZEVAP - Custom Wet Sections

AZEVAP designs and manufactures custom wet sections where unique client needs are not met with the standard modules. Examples of this are: a) Custom replacement wet sections, b) Commercial building makeup air cooling wall, c) Gas Turbing inlet cooling. Examples of these are shown below.

Custom wet sections designed and assembled using AZEVAP technology to replace recirculating cooler wet sections in very large coolers where the blower can be refurbished. Examples of the replacement wet sections are shown in the figures below.

Commercial Building makeup air cooling wall. Such a makeup air wall was designed and installed in a commercial building in downtown Phoenix in 2004. This installation payed for itself in the first two months of operation.

Gas Turbine inlet cooling packages consist of multiple wet sections arranged in the inlet duct to match the available space and meet velocity limits of this inlet. The result is an arrangement similar to the multi module section and cooling wall shown in the photos below.

6 module CWS Building makeup air cooling tolleson cws