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Business Case - Integrated Displacement Evaporative Cooling in Industrial Facilities

A number of key factors provide a solid business case for installation of AZEVAP's Integrated Displacement Evaporative Cooling in Industrial Facilities. The specific economic benefits are, of course, dependent on the specific facility. These are:

  • Delivers most productive work area temperatures
  • Reduced volume flow rate required for facility with associated reduction in capital and construction costs
    • Number of coolers
    • Number of exhaust fans
    • Number of roof penetrations
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs with both reduction of components and components that require less maintenance
  • Reduced Power Usage with reduced volume flow rate and controls to match flow rate with need
  • Reduced Water Usage with reduced cooler bleed and reduced volume flow rate
  • Reduced Roof Maintenance with elimination of float valve failure
  • Longer component life