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Indoor Air Quality and Evaporative Cooling

The general subject of indoor air quality including the indoor air quality benefits derived from the use of evaporative cooling is discussed above in section Indoor Air Quality and Evaporative Cooling. These benefits are:

  • Greater outside air flow rates with evaporative cooling result in lower levels of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and other gaseous contaminants in the indoor air. We have all experienced buildings where the air is stale with collection and concentration of local odors and gases caused by low air flow rates. The benefits of greater outside air flow rates are particularly relevant for manufacturing and industrial facilities where vapors and gas fumes accompany manufacturing processes or material storage.
  • Indoor air that has been filtered through the wet media of an evaporative cooler is cleaner since this media is an effective particulate filter removing dust, pollen, and other particulate from the air.
  • Evaporative cooling provides economical comfort cooling for facilities where mechanical cooling with refrigerants is often cost prohibitive.
  • Low indoor air humidity levels have been found to be a detractor to the health of facility occupants that is addressed with evaporative cooling. AZFlow coolers provide additional indoor air quality advantages over other evaporative coolers. These benefits are derived from the breakthrough technology that meters and distributes fresh water on the pads. The specific benefits are:
  • A closer approach temperature is achieved with an AZFlow cooler which means the temperature out of the cooler is in the comfort range even under higher wet bulb temperatures. The reason behind this improved performance is the air to wet media interface as discussed in AZFlow coolers and improved seasonal conditioned space temperatures.
  • No mold, mildew, fungi, legionella, or other biological hazards are present with the AZFlow coolers as there is no standing water in the cooler and clean chlorinated potable water is sprayed directly onto the cooler pads. Water metered onto the pad is either evaporated to cool the air or directed down the drain. Aeronautical design of AZFlow coolers is structured to achieve a uniform velocity across the pads and, in all but exceptional cases, to maintain a velocity close to 500 fpm thereby preventing water entrainment and carry over and achieving high pad thermal performance.
  • Shut down and start up of AZFlow wet sections can be performed as often as needed without penalty. This is beneficial in fine tuning the indoor air temperature and humidity at facilities.