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Improved seasonal conditioned space temperatures

Improved indoor air quality
Energy saved

Water saved and media scaling minimized
Longer lasting cooler cabinets

Remote cooler control and performance management through facility LAN

Fail safe operations

Improved reliability and availability

Reduced greenhouse gas generation

Improved return on investment

AZFlow coolers deliver breakthrough performance

Industrial evaporative coolers have been around for a long time as discussed in the history section of this web site. An evaporative cooler is normally made up of a wet section and a blower. Commercial office buildings and some other installations have air distribution systems such that no blower is required for the cooler. In these cases the wet section is the cooler. AZFlow coolers have many unique differentiating features, as discussed in the Differentiated by Design section of this web site.

These differences were designed and incorporated in AZFlow coolers to address the limitations of past technology. The result is coolers that deliver what can only be considered breakthrough performance. The characteristic features of this breakthrough performance are discussed individually by topic in sections that follow.

The list on the left is a list of characteristic features of the breakthrough results achieved with AZFlow evaporative coolers.